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Supercargo is a 1st Class Superintendent Company that ensures to its Costumers a technical and professionally unquestionable service by deploying a team of vast experience in all types of goods, with special emphasis on food and agri-products.

The services of Supercargo are carried out in accordance with the general conditions of provision of services accessible in the following link.
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  • Cargo Inspection

    Is embodied in the verification and control of quantity, quality, specification, packaging, labelling and marks, handling, transport and storage processes of all kinds of commodities.

    In this regard, are of particular relevance, the agricultural and agri-food products whether they are in bulk, unitized or containerized, mineral products and inert, packaged or in bulk, petroleum, petroleum products, chemicals and biofuels.

    Supercargo also acts as supervisory to consumer products, machinery and equipment, transport vehicles and spare parts, among others, as well as its compliance with the applicable standards.

  • Superintendence

    The performance of Supercargo as Superintendent Company is particularly relevant in the monitoring of goods and the transactions that they are subject at a critical point of its transportation, loading, unloading or intermodality.

    In this context we noted the accurate determination of the weight and sampling, evaluation of spaces intended to receive it, inspection and approval of means of handling, evaluation and testing of scales or other means of quantification.

    As inspection and approval of holds, vehicles transporting cargo and storage spaces, as well as issuance of their certificates.

    Damages detection, investigation of the causes, losses control and minimization.

    Strict application of Contracts and Rules in presence and an uncompromising representation and protection of the interests of its Principals are our permanent concerns.

  • FIO Control

    Supercargo controls the operations (loading or unloading) and logs all events, occurrences, means and personnel, and proceeds to its continuous report, photographically illustrated.

    The signing of the SOF (Statement of Facts) by interested parties in port operations is often delegated to one of the actors of this operation.

    The intervention of Supercargo can be complemented by a free conference and signing of the SOF.

  • Controlo de Terminais

    More than just controlling a load or unload related transaction, Supercargo is increasing as a business partner who receives and delivers goods in distinct and previously agreed conditions and timings, assuming full responsibility for everything that happens during the flow and storage process.

    In this context, Supercargo operates the weighing apparatus, processes the records and prepares a final report of operations.

    This performance settles on high standards of service quality, which represents the key of our differentiation strategy.

  • Loss Adjustment

    Damage description, loses evaluation and regulation. Issuance of relevant LOPs.

    Collecting and forwarding samples for analysis or tests in recognized and accredited laboratories.

    Issuance of detailed reports.

  • Surveys

    Cleanliness conditions, compliance and security of facilities as well as means of transport and / or handling equipment verification.

    Container’s inspection.

    Issuance of relevant Certificates.

  • Displacement Calculations and other Services to Ship

    Compliance and cleanliness inspections.
    Hatch-covers tightness, sealing and access doors operation checking.
    Measurement and evaluation of fuel and other consumables.
    Draft calculations and stability.
    Dunnage and stowage inspection.
    Cargo security protection.
    Control and inspection of stowage damages.
    Surveys of hull and machinery.
    Inspection and monitoring of repairs.

  • Report of Findings

    Inspection to the quantity, quality, packaging, manufacturing date, validity period and price of goods prior to shipment stage.

    Monitoring of consolidation, transportation and boarding conditions.

    Issuance of certificates of conformity.

Data Protection Policy:

Supercargo determines that any data processing should be subject to the following principles:

a) determination, prior to data collection, of the objectives for the use of the data, as well as its conservation and disposal period;
b) identification of data subjects (personal and non-personal) and determination of their interests and rights;
c) provision of information to the holders of personal data on the specific objectives for its use, limitation and interruption of use, rectification and conservation, deletion of data and right of opposition, when holders are not aware of the information;
d) obtaining authorization from the holder of the personal data for its use, especially when it is or may be used for the purpose of offering goods and services, even free of charge, or for analysis and control of the behavior of the holder;
e) discontinuation of processing data which no longer meets the objectives for which it was collected or when requested to do so by the data subjects;
f) elimination of the data when it is not used or at the request of its owner, being subject to applicable legal / fiscal permissions.
g) data must be protected through logical, physical and other security measures.

These principles apply to data collected directly (personal and telephone contacts) or indirectly (postal correspondence, own websites and social networks), in verbal and / or written forms (registration forms / information, postal mail, advertising, emails, posts and others). Supercargo determines that all data held and kept must be dealt in a legal, fair and transparent manner, within the security principles, resources and responsibilities installed and established. Supercargo reserves the right to amend this data protection policy at any time.

Privacy Policy (for this website):

Supercargo keeps personal data, such as name and e-mail address, but only to answer the subject addressed by the visitor of this page, and in accordance with the established in the Data Protection Regulation. Supercargo does not share or provide the information collected from third parties, unless expressly authorized by its owners. The personal data collected in the communication initiated by the visitor of this page is maintained during the time needed to address the subject or until a request to remove it by the holder. Records of electronic or postal correspondence exchanged between the parties will be kept on file, where applicable, for a maximum of 10 years. This website does not use cookies.


Build an image of unquestionable quality as a service provider company, through which should retain its customers.


Provision of superintendence services and cargo expertise in international trade.


The company's culture is based on four fundamental values:

  • Commitment to customers
    Listening to and responding to concerns and needs, offering a high quality service and ethical behavior, favoring a personalized direct relationship with clients and an indirect institutional relationship with the other stakeholders.
  • Integrity and Trust
    Honor commitments and act with total transparency, honesty and trust.
  • Quality and Excellence
    Promote the improvement of services offered, contributing to develop the best solutions, exceeding the expectations of our customers, employees and partners, learning from mistakes and developing skills and good practices in order to guarantee excellence in the final result.
  • Valorization of Human Capital
    To bet on the personal and professional development of human capital, capitalizing on all the knowledge created in an important source of information and differentiation for all.

Quality policy

Supercargo Management, aware of the strategic relevance that its clients have for its business, through the purchase of services provided, the context of the organization and its strategic orientation, established its Quality Policy based on the following principles:

· Satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the clients, responding to their requirements;
· Compliance with applicable legal and contractual requirements;
· Development of employee competencies, through education, continuous training or experience;
· Continuous improvement of the services provided and the effectiveness of the quality management system implemented and reviewed periodically.

Data Protection Policy and Privacy Policy