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New Site

It is with great joy that we are presenting the Supercargo new website, we expect it to become a form of easier and permanent communication with our Customers and Friends.

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Data Protection Policy:

Supercargo determines that any data processing should be subject to the following principles:

a) determination, prior to data collection, of the objectives for the use of the data, as well as its conservation and disposal period;
b) identification of data subjects (personal and non-personal) and determination of their interests and rights;
c) provision of information to the holders of personal data on the specific objectives for its use, limitation and interruption of use, rectification and conservation, deletion of data and right of opposition, when holders are not aware of the information;
d) obtaining authorization from the holder of the personal data for its use, especially when it is or may be used for the purpose of offering goods and services, even free of charge, or for analysis and control of the behavior of the holder;
e) discontinuation of processing data which no longer meets the objectives for which it was collected or when requested to do so by the data subjects;
f) elimination of the data when it is not used or at the request of its owner, being subject to applicable legal / fiscal permissions.
g) data must be protected through logical, physical and other security measures.

These principles apply to data collected directly (personal and telephone contacts) or indirectly (postal correspondence, own websites and social networks), in verbal and / or written forms (registration forms / information, postal mail, advertising, emails, posts and others). Supercargo determines that all data held and kept must be dealt in a legal, fair and transparent manner, within the security principles, resources and responsibilities installed and established. Supercargo reserves the right to amend this data protection policy at any time.

Privacy Policy (for this website):

Supercargo keeps personal data, such as name and e-mail address, but only to answer the subject addressed by the visitor of this page, and in accordance with the established in the Data Protection Regulation. Supercargo does not share or provide the information collected from third parties, unless expressly authorized by its owners. The personal data collected in the communication initiated by the visitor of this page is maintained during the time needed to address the subject or until a request to remove it by the holder. Records of electronic or postal correspondence exchanged between the parties will be kept on file, where applicable, for a maximum of 10 years. This website does not use cookies.


Build an image of unquestionable quality as a service provider company, through which should retain its customers.


Provision of superintendence services and cargo expertise in international trade.


The company's culture is based on four fundamental values:

  • Commitment to customers
    Listening to and responding to concerns and needs, offering a high quality service and ethical behavior, favoring a personalized direct relationship with clients and an indirect institutional relationship with the other stakeholders.
  • Integrity and Trust
    Honor commitments and act with total transparency, honesty and trust.
  • Quality and Excellence
    Promote the improvement of services offered, contributing to develop the best solutions, exceeding the expectations of our customers, employees and partners, learning from mistakes and developing skills and good practices in order to guarantee excellence in the final result.
  • Valorization of Human Capital
    To bet on the personal and professional development of human capital, capitalizing on all the knowledge created in an important source of information and differentiation for all.

Quality policy

Supercargo Management, aware of the strategic relevance that its clients have for its business, through the purchase of services provided, the context of the organization and its strategic orientation, established its Quality Policy based on the following principles:

· Satisfaction of the needs and expectations of the clients, responding to their requirements;
· Independence and impartiality of the organization and all of its staff and subcontractors in all decisions taken during the provision of services;
· Confidentiality in all information collected, processed and issued that belongs to or concerns its customers and other interested parties;
· Compliance with applicable legal, regulatory and contractual requirements;
· Development of employees' skills, through initial and continuous training and experience;
· Continuous improvement of the services provided and the effectiveness of the quality management system implemented and reviewed periodically.

Data Protection Policy and Privacy Policy

Independence, Impartiality and Confidentiality Declaration

SUPERCARGO, Superintendência e Comércio Alimentar, Lda., (From now on SUPERCARGO) is an inspection entity that, within the scope of inspections of food products, carries out activities of “Inspection, sampling and supervision of weighing of loads and discharges of products in bulk and shipments ”, in accordance with the requirements of ISO 17020: 2013 and Gafta Rules numbers 123 and 124.

In order to offer these activities to its customers, SUPERCARGO uses different means of contact, such as: business visits, sending postal and electronic correspondence and a web page.

All identified activities (service and commercial) are carried out in an independent, impartial and confidential manner. To ensure independence, impartiality and confidentiality, SUPERCARGO delegates to its Quality Management System Manager (QMS) the responsibility and authority to monitor and verify the measures adopted for this purpose. The QMS Manager acts autonomously and independently, in the case of identifying or detecting failures of the company or the people who compose its staff in the fulfillment of this commitment.

SUPERCARGO does not hold capital or is owned by another entity, nor does it offer any services or carry out research and development, production, purchase, sale, storage, property, use or preservation activities that may cause conflicts of interest for its inspection services. SUPERCARGO identified, analyzed and documented the different sources of conflict of interest that may arise in the performance of its inspection activities. SUPERCARGO carries out periodic analyzes of possible sources of conflict of interest and, when this is the case, takes the necessary actions to eliminate them.

SUPERCARGO does not put information about its customers in the public domain. In the case of publication by legal imperative, contractual agreement or other, before doing so, SUPERCARGO informs the client and requires the client's consent for that purpose, except when not permitted by law.

All personnel linked to SUPERCARGO, by employment contract, as well as subcontracted entities to carry out inspection activities on their behalf, cannot carry out their own research and development, production, purchase, sale, storage, property, use or preservation activities that conflict. with its activity. Furthermore, they are obliged to maintain confidentiality on all information obtained during the development of the services, within the scope of SUPERCARGO's activity. They are also obliged to inform Supercargo about any situations that conflict with what was previously stated. All staff and subcontracted entities that work for and on behalf of SUPERCARGO are committed to compliance with this statement.

SUPERCARGO has defined a process for handling complaints and appeals which, upon request, is available to customers and other interested parties.

Monte da Caparica, 25 of May of 2021

Artur Carlos Teixeira Ferreira da Rocha

Manager / Technical Director

SUPERCARGO, Superintendência e Comércio Alimentar, Lda.